Is the Gateway Area Humane Society a non-profit organization?

Yes, we receive all of our funding from community donations, fundraising events and foundation grants. We receive no funding from the city, county, state or national level. All donations are fully tax deductible under federal and state law.

Is the Gateway Area Humane Society associated with the Montgomery County Animal Shelter?

No. The Montgomery County Animal Shelter is funded and maintained by the county government through the Fiscal Court and Judge Executive. The county shelter is responsible under Kentucky law to provide animal control service for Mt. Sterling, Jeffersonville, Camargo and the rest of the county.

Does the Gateway Area Humane Society work with any other animal organizations?

Absolutely. We have long-lasting relationships with other local humane societies and rescues throughout Kentucky and the surrounding states. We have close relations with several humane societies in New England where we often transport animals to be adopted.

What does it mean to be a no-kill organization?

We are a selective intake organization meaning that we focus on saving as many adoptable animals as possible. Keep in mind that our only way of housing animals at this time is through foster care. We foster an adoptable animal for as long as it takes to find him or her a permanent home. All animals who enter our care pass a medical and temperament test.

What about spaying and neutering?

We spay/neuter all animals before they leave us and have programs in place to assist pet owners in getting their animals fixed.

But I want a guinea pig/parrot/python/rabbit! Do you adopt other types of animals?

Sorry but at this time we work with dogs, cats, and (sometimes) horses exclusively. They keep us plenty busy!

How long do animals usually stay in Gateway Area Humane Society’s care?

Until we match each animal with the right family or individual. All of the animals in our care are eventually adopted.

Does the Gateway Area Humane Society have a paid staff?

No. All of our members are volunteers.

Where do your animals come from?

Most of our animals come from Montgomery County, but occasionally from a surrounding county or out-of-state.

Do local veterinarians help you?

Yes, and we wish to thank each and every one of them.

Are there criteria for adopting animals?

Some. Every potential adopter must complete an application and pass a simple list of criteria. Please see our Adoption page for more information.

How much is the adoption fee and what does it include?

Adoption fees vary accordingly. Adoption fees include all vaccinations and spay/neuter procedures.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift for someone?

We discourage this practice and in most cases will not approve an application when the animal is to be gifted to someone else.

Do you have any other questions about our organization? Feel free to email us at